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The First National Meeting on the role of women in Agrarian Reform in the Republic of Tajikistan


The First National Meeting on the role of women in Agrarian Reform in the Republic of Tajikistan

The First National Meeting on the role of women in Agrarian Reform in the Republic of Tajikistan
Public organization CAMP Kuhiston will hold The First National Meeting on the role of women in Agrarian Reform in the Republic of Tajikistan jointly and with the financial support of Oxfam. The event will take place on March 28 2013 at the Ismaili Centre 47, Dushanbe.

The First National Meeting on the role of women in Agrarian Reform will bring together representatives from relevant government agencies of the Republic of Tajikistan, and the national experts and practitioners, representatives of farmer households, associations, non-governmental and international organizations. The event will provide the opportunity for representatives of the various agencies, organizations, women dehkan farms, cooperatives, associations, to share experiences and achievements.

The main goal is
To collectively advocate for gender equity in the process of agricultural reform to ensure that women receive full equality of opportunities and rights to land, natural resources.

The objectives of the meeting a) the exchange of experiences and achievements of women's Dehkan Farms, Cooperatives and Associations b) identify challenges and opportunities for the advancement of women in agriculture d) determination of the next steps to improve the situation in order to ensure equal opportunities for women in the legal and regulatory issues on the land, as well as access to finance.

Expected Outputs
The First National Meeting on the role of women in Agrarian Reform in the Republic of Tajikistan will provide the following outputs:
Resolution on behalf of women farmers, cooperatives, leaders of local organizations and submission to the government, INGOs and NGOs to create an enabling environment for women in agriculture, e.g. to assure equal opportunities for women especially regarding access to land, credit, and information.

The First National Meeting of Women will follow up
Creation of network of interested stakeholders of Women in agriculture, biannual meetings to see the follow up of an event on 28th of March 2013.

Organization of the Forum
The First National Meeting on the role of women in Agrarian Reform in the Republic of Tajikistan will be orga-nized by CAMP Kuhiston, jointly and with financial support of Oxfam in Tajikistan.

Meeting Set-Up
Simultaneous translation of Russian, Tajik and English will be provided during the event. The meeting will con-sist of different working methods:
Key-note speeches including presentations of experiences from the field.
Plenary session with the presentation of resolution, discussion and comments Thematic exhibition: materials, publications of various organizations and cooperatives in order to share the experience implemented in the area of agriculture.

The expected audience will include representatives from all levels of government, international and local organizations, representatives from women's associations, Dehkan farms, Media.

CAMP Kuhiston promotes sustainable mountain development by supporting efforts to improve peo-ples’ livelihoods in Tajikistan. This goal is achieved through balanced economic, ecological and social develop-ment processes leading to the strengthening of civil society. Thereby, the CAMP Kuhiston have always consid-ered fostering dialogue among different stakeholder groups on various levels a very important part of their work.

Oxfam has been operational in Tajikistan since 2001. We have been implementing innovative and effective programs which make real differences on the lives of poor people. Our programs include: bringing clean water to remote villages, working towards women empowerment through our Gender Enterprise Market Approach and training communities to prevent flash floods from destroying their homes and crops. Oxfam in Tajikistan has joined Oxfam's global GROW campaign - GROW.Life.Planet. Tajikistan's GROW campaign calls on the government, NGOs and donors to invest in the productivity, resilience, and sustainability of small-scale food producers, particularly women, who produce much of the world’s food. Our ultimate goal is for women small-holder farmers to be able to access resources which are essential for their economic growth.

Mr. Jurabek Rahimov, project assistant:
Ms. Shifo Mukumova, administrator assistant:

Donor organization

Committee of women and family affairs of RT
National Association of Business Women of RT
UN Women of RT
League of women lawyers of RT

Ismaili Centre, 47 Somoni Street, Dushanbe Tajikistan
March 28, 2013

FORUM 2012



In 2012 the world will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the UN Conference on Environment and Development, held in Brazilia city Rio de Janeiro. The meeting of the world leaders dedicated to the issues of sustainable development for the next 20 years, has already received the code name "Rio+20". Some of the problems are bound to be affected at this summit, today these issues discussed not only by experts and scientists, but also by journalists in all countries.

Joint Central Asian regional initiative: "Raising public awareness about the process of "Rio+20", and public organization CAMP Kuhiston working on improving the livelihoods of mountain villages in Tajikistan, summed up the Environmental Competition "Eco House-2011", announced in May 2011.

The competition attracted teams of editors of national, municipal, foreign, joint regional newspapers, radio and television, as well as independent journalists. In total 18 contest materials were sent, finalists were identified from the works that meet the requirements and provisions of the Competition. ‘Chahonamo’ Journalists, Radio "Sadoi Dushanbe’, Issues: ‘Asia Plus’,"Chumhuriat","Today and Tomorrow", "Badakhshan", "Federal Gazeta","Chavon Tojikiston", Magazine "Elite", Internet Portals "Compatriots" and "Ozodagon" showed their qualification in their material and the relevance of disclosure topics.

Roziya Alieva, director of CAMP Kuhiston said: "The best materials are determined by a vote of the members of the evaluating committee, which included government officials, foreign journalists, academics and NGO representatives". The ceremony took place in the office of the CAMP Kuhiston and awards received by:

1. Portal journalist "Compatriots" Elvira Tzoi Diploma in the nomination "For the disclosure of environmental issues" (TV set)
2. Correspondent of "Asia-Plus» Tilav Rasul-zade Diploma "For the thematic coverage of environmental problems in the press" (mobile phone)
3. Editorial radio "Sadoi Dushanbe", diploma "For active environmental coverage themes" (camera)
4. Editor of "Today and Tomorrow" Hojamir Kurbanbekov, Diploma "For the interest and appeal to the environmental problems" (fax)
5. The correspondent of "Chavonoi Tojikiston" Saifuddin Sunatov, Diploma "For devotion to environmental issues" (digital recorder)

Director of CAMP Kuhiston says: "Our competition - not for competition, because today the world is facing new challenges. The modern world development is associated with an increase in negative impacts on the environment, depletion of natural resources, the imbalance of the biosphere. Today we need to deal with environmental problems and to think about tomorrow.Compatriots