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Material -

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Material - 2011

Rio 20 Case Study Fruit Tree Orchards

REPORT Regional member joint initiative / Awareness raisiing projects

REPORT Knowledge, Attitudes and Perceptions to Natural Disasters.

REPORT Knowledge, Attitudes and Perceptions to Natural Disasters (OXFAM GB – Dipecho VI)

REPORT GIZ Hukumat trainings

REPORT Demo Energy Center


Presentation 'End of action survey'

Presentation 'Baseline survey'

Non structural (UNICEF 2011)

A Socio Energy assessment 'Shahtuti Bolo'

Material - 2010

Sustainable Pasture Management Practices in Tajikistan

SDC Final Report (ILRM)

REPORT 'Pasture Management Seminar'

REPORT 'Exhibition on weels' (May)

REPORT 'Exhibition on weels' (April)

REPORT 'Exhibition on weels' (March)

REPORT 'Exhibition on weels' (February)

PAMS (Final Report)

'Oftobak' Sanitation facilities

REPORT 'Monitoring & Evaluation'

REPORT 'Khuroson Geological'

REPORT 'Energy Assessment'

CAMP Kuhiston Risk Assessment

Assessment and ILRM monitoring

Material - 2009

REPORT 'UNDRMP Monitoring and Evaluation'

Risk Assessment Duoba 4

REPORT 'Sustainable Pasture Management WS'

REPORT on Broadcast (Dec 11 2009)

REPORT 'Monitoring VDMP & FDP'

Interview with Irena Umarova

REPORT Forum CAMP Kuhiston

Cost Effective Stoves in Tajikistan

Material - 2008

REPORT 'Dare to Share Fair'

Material - 2005

REPORT Watershed management study Muminabad, Caritas

Report Agroforestry